5 Must Read Thriller Books of all Times

5 Must Read Thriller Books of all Times

Before deciding to read a thriller book and dive deep inside it, what are
the things one commonly prefer? Thinking while turning every page,
who is the murderer. Who probably must be the culprit of the story.
Without any second thought, the best thriller will be one where we
suspect every character of the novel. The needle of culprit keeps ticking
over everyone’s head. A good murder case portrayed will always make
its way to the best thriller. Here are the five best thrillers you should not
miss if you are a thriller fan. Earn money while enjoying these books.
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  • And Then There Were None

Agatha Christie, we can not even imagine mystery novels without her.
She is one of the best novelists and the reason why her creation ‘And
There Were None’ makes to the top of this list. In this story, some
mysterious hosts leave ten people on an unknown island. Out of those
10, two were ordered to pretend to be housekeepers and cook the
mansion on the island. Later in the book, they are forced to recall their
past with music and die due to the consequences.

  • The Big Sleep

Another renowned writer, Raymond Chandler, presents this
publication. The characters in his presentation are multi-faced. The
character, Carmen sternwood, hires an investigator named Philip
Marlowe to investigate who was blackmailing her. As the investigator
moves further, he gets to know about the messy business, and the girl
continues to receive threats. He has so perfectly portrayed the novel that
one can not imagine that who has done this?

  • Gone Girl

It is a story of a lady, Amy, who gets disappeared out of the blue. His
husband, Nick Dunne, hires investigators. But as the story moves
forward, everyone from her family to cops suspects her husband. It is a
perfectly blended mystery thriller. It is written by an American
writer ‘Gillian Flynn.

  • The Postman Always Rings Twice

It is awarded as the most prestigious criminal book of the 20th century.
It is the best due to its short length and surprises at every point of the
story. James M. Cian, the author of this novel, portrays a story of a
married lady ‘Cora Papadakis’ and a guy named ‘Frank Chambers.’
They both once encountered at the roadside. Later the guy started
working for Cora and eventually fall in love. Instead of her marriage,
she falls for him, and after they both plans to break their marriage. Once
their program works well, they have thought of living together happily
ever after and so on….

  • The Daughter of Time

    This epic piece of art is presented by ‘Josephine Tey.’ It is the story of a
    Scotland Police cop, who was recovering from his injury. In the
    meantime, to pass his time, he took an old historical case of King
    Richard 3rd, who was accused of being a murderer. To solve this
    historical case, he has imagined all the characters from the past and
    started to relive with them and how things may have happened at that

    If you are a bookworm, you must consider giving a read to these top five
    thriller books.


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