Top 5 Criminal Mystery Books.

Top 5 Criminal Mystery Books.

Mystery books never fail to leave a person with various
astonishing thoughts. While reading one, there is always a thought in
mind that what happens next, especially the criminal ones. The sentence
who did this? Always hounds the reason while reading. So here we
present you the list of top 5 criminal mystery novels.

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy

It is a story of an ex-spy, George Smiley. He was pulled out from his
retirement and served in the British Intelligent Service as a penetration
agent. John Le Carry, the author, shows how a long-ago implanted
mole in Moscow works. How they uniquely perform undercover
operations. It also shows the difficulty a dual-faced agent faces in other
country and destroys the traitors.

The Da Vinci Code

It is a murder mystery that Dan Brown presents. In this, the character
Professor Robert Langdon is taken to the city of Louvre in Paris. His
task is to resolve a hot news murder case. There he meets a cryptologist
named Neveu. They both together solve the puzzle that was left at the
murder spot by criminals. Dan Brown has spent his massive amount of
time researching regarding paintings and statues of Paris. A reader found
this story exciting and leaves a long-lasting effect on them.

The Day of the Jackal

It is one of the best-written detective stories. The author ‘Fredrick
Forsyth’ uses the word Jackal for the assassin. A stranger hired him to
murder the president of France, Charles de Gaulle. Jackal just knew that
this order is from someone in the government, that is why he has to
cover up everything adequately. The interesting point in this novel is
that the attempt of assassination failed miserably. Along with it, the
story also shows the political developments of France during the cold
war ended.

Woman in White

It is a classical mystery thriller. At first, it appeared to be a simple story
around two lovers Walter Hartright and Laura Fairlie. But we all know
that the author ‘Wilkie Collin’ for this turning point mysteries in the
novel. Laura is engaged with Sir Pervical Glyde nad been signaled not to
continue this marriage. The city they were living in was famous for a
strange woman walking on the dark streets. Now the author interlinks all
these characters in the novel very precisely that it will blow your mind.

The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, And Madness at
the Fair That Changed America

It is a mixture of horror and criminal genre written by the famous ‘Erik
Larson.’  This story revolves around two characters. One is the architect
who builds the while fair, Daniel H. Burnham. The other name is the
murderer but showing himself as a doctor to the world, H.H.Holmes. He
has combined the stories of both of them in consecutive chapters. It was
an odd combination but worked well for him, and the reader liked this
new concept.

I hope you liked this list. If you read these books, the next thing you will
notice is that you got lost in them!!!


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