Best Fiction Books of the Decade

Best Fiction Books of the Decade

A fiction book is a literature artifact based on the imagination of the
author. It may be based on a romantic script, or dramatic, or maybe on
someone's desires. It is an author's creative mind that generates such
genres. It may be comic or cartoons for the entertainment of the
audience or an action thriller that blew the mind. Time to time, many
authors release wondrous fictions, but only a few of them make up their
way to the top. So, here is a list of the top 5 fiction novels of the decade

The Visit From The Good Squad

It is presented by the famous fiction-creator 'Jennifer Egan.' It is a
story of 2 ladies Dolly and Kitty Jackson. They were assigned the task of
interviewing African Dictators. Dolly has to revive the Dictator's image,
and Kitty was a B-town lady whose job was to accompany Dolly. But
Kitty ended up asking lots of questions and eventually sent to jail. Later,
when the dictatorship ends, Kitty was set free. When she came out, she
finds that Kitty opened a sandwich shop as she has to leave her previous
job. The author has perfectly blended the funny portion in the novel
showing the rule of a dictator.

  • The Tiger's Wife

This book was written by 'Tea Obreht' back in 2011. This story is
somehow related to his own life. He portrays a scene of a place called
Yugoslavia. In the novel, she has introduced a character Natalia, who
was in great shock due o her grandfather's death. Her grandfather used to
tell her stories, and their favorite was 'The Jungle Book.' With the
remembrance of her grandfather's memories, she tries to move in life
and proceed with her profession of Doctor.

  • The Buddha in the Attic

'Julie Otsuka,' the author portrays the story of Japanese picture brides.
Some of them are of 14-15 years of age. They were migrated to America
and find their husbands there as promised. This story gives us an
overview of the problems one faces during the migration from one to
another country. Also, it is hard for them to Get used to the culture of a new country, raise their children in the new culture, and make them aware of their own culture.

  • The Thousand Autumns Of Jacob De Zoet

'David Mitchell' this time presents a melodramatic gothic story. It is a
story of an accountant Jacob. He comes to serves his duty near
Nagasaki. She wants to marry here Japanese half wife, Anna. But the
father of Anna is not allowing due to his financial instability.

  • Train Dreams

'Dennis Johnson' Train Dream shows how cruel life is. It is a story of a
railroad laborer, Robert Grainer'. He has lost his family to a wildfire.
Due to this reason, he started to live in the woods. But life did not even
spare him there. Modernization leads to civilization development around

These are the top 5 books of the decade. Many books are released after
them, but their position is still intact.


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