Best Marvel Comics

Best Marvel Comics

Today no one in the world doesn't acknowledge Marvel Universe.
Everyone has watched Marvel movies and must be fans of this superhero
series's characters, but where did this start? What was the inspiration of
Marvel Universe? The answer is quite simple, STAN LEE, the person
who used to perform the cameo roles.
He is the world-famous comic writer. He has created this whole Marvel
Universe with his creativity. His dedication to working out of the league
gave birth to a new superhero universe. He named it 'Marvel Comic
Universe.' Mr. Lee long ago wrote all the characters we see in today's
Marvel movies in his comics. Out of the comics Stan Lee wrote, some
comics are audience favorite and voted more by the audience. They are:-

Infinity Gauntlet

This comic is the base of one of the best MCU movie produced. In this
part, Thanos prepares a Gauntlet for himself and starts to gain infinity
stones. He is killing peoples wherever he goes in search of these stones.
When he finds that earth has most numbers of these stones, he raids the
planet. Avenger's team was even unable to stop him, even the God of
lightning. Then he wipes out half population of the world. Sad, but even
our superheroes are incapable of fighting the Infinity Gauntlet.

  • X-Men the Dark Pheonix Saga

In this story, the professor introduces Jean Grey with the X-force. This
comic is based on individual character fighting their alone, instead of a
teamwork fighting scene. Cyclops is on the psychic plane fighting the
Mastermind. On the other end, Wolverine fights with endless numbers
of soldiers. These soldiers belonged to the Hellfire group. Jean is trying
to gain control over her Dark Pheonix powers. She killed an entire planet
due to her uncontrollable forces. I hope she learns to control them soon!

  • Amazing Spiderman: The Night Stacy Gwen Died

In this comic of the Amazing spiderman series, Peter Parker was already
dealing with his Uncle's loss. Taking advantage of that, Green Goblin
kidnapped her girlfriend of the series, Stacy Gwen. Now spiderman is on the mission to rescue his girlfriend.

He successfully saves her girlfriend
from the goblins, but still, she dies. While catching her with the help of
the web, her neck broke, and she dies. If you think of reading this comic,
then keep your heart strong and get ready to feel that heartbreaking

  • Civil War

In this story, one has to decide aside. Which side do you choose? This
comic shows a serial blast in Stamford, Connecticut, due to Marvel
superheroes while saving people from villains. Now the government
enforces the rule of Superhero Registration. If superheroes sign this pact,
they have to work according to the government and follow regulations
formed by the government. Now half of the superheroes sign this pact,
but the other half didn't. It leads to fragments in the marvel team. Now
while reading the book, you better decide on which team you want to

Who do you find is the most interesting character from this MCU, and
who is your favorite? Do let us know.


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