Featured Books which can change your life

Featured Books which can change your life

Featured books are the books that are declared as the books which have been declared as best
by the communities. These books have been influential and praised all over the world. Books
like these entertain the audience, give information, and enthrall the readers.
Some books can be life-changing and make you question your strongest and core reliefs. It can
alter your beliefs and perspective towards life.

We are going to discuss about books which were loved all over the world. Every book
mentioned is praised by critics and can make you question about society's beliefs. Readers of
this book self-introspect themselves to bring out the best out of them. The literature
mentioned below proves that an author can alter your thought process and lead to something

Now without further explanations, let's discuss what featured books are worth reading: –

  • The Alchemist: – One of the best books of the generation, the author of the book, is
    Paulo Coelho. It was released in the year 1988; originally, it was published in the
    Portuguese language. This story is based on self-discovery; it starts with a character
    named Santiago, an Andalusia shepherd who wishes to travel. The aim of travel is a
    worldly treasure; his journey takes him a satisfaction more than he expected. He gets to
    learn to follow the hearts and dreams. The special thing about the books is that it is easy
    to read and highly descriptive. The masterpiece is about chasing dreams.
  • The Artist's Way: – The Artist's Way was published in the year 1992, and the author of
    this book is Julia Cameron. This book is a self –help book on creativity; this book gives
    you an insight into the spiritual, artistic path. There are tasks to complete at the end of
    the chapters. Reading this book increases your creativity. The book dives in deep, but it
    is still easy to understand; the book has the potential of to on the creativity switch in
    anyone's brain.
  • Life Of Pi: – One of the most famous featured books is Life Of Pi, the author of the book
    is Yann Martel; it was published in 2001. The story starts with the protagonist Pi Patel,
    who is the son of a zookeeper who has incomparable knowledge about wild animals.
    While immigrating to North America, their ship sinks, and our protagonist finds himself
    alone in a lifeboat with wild animals. The great thing about the book is that it is not
    religious; it still tells us the importance of believing in God, Nature, and self-strength.
  • The History Love: – This Love tale is written by Nicole Kraus, and it was published in
    2005. It is a beautiful tale between Leo Gusky and his love Alma and their adventure
    across oceans. This novel is full of thrill and mystery.The books mentioned above have the potential to alter your perspectives and belief. These books are featured and renowned all over the world. So if you want to read any literature, start with the books mentioned above.

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