Top 5 Historical Mystery Books

Top 5 Historical Mystery Books

Mystery books, one of the best brain-twisters. Mostly when we cannot
figure out during the whole journey of the book, who is the culprit. The
best part of these books is, at the end when the culprit shows up, we say,
‘I knew it, he did it.’ We looked up the lists of the mystery novels and
specially handpicked these five historical mystery books. Earn money while
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  • A Front Page Affair

It is written by an Indian Thriller writer ‘Radha Vatsal.’ It is a story of
an aspiring reporter, Kitty. It started at an Independence day party back
in 1915. Before the party, J.P. Morgan Jr. was shot dead. And it has
become a hot topic of discussion at the party. She has found some
Japanese fireworks, showering paper cutouts. After the Japanese
fireworks show, they found a man died there. Now it is a chance for this
aspiring reporter to rise and do something better than gossip at Kitty
week mingles.

  • The Alienist

It is a novel based on the 1890’s New York. A case of Serial killing of
teenage boys comes to an investigator and crime reporter John Moore.
When the first case of killing comes to Moore, he thought some
psychopath must do it. The boy murdered was dressed up like a girl and
was in terrible condition. He takes his psychologist's advice in this
case—this novel, written by ‘Caleb Carr’ and is also aired on Netflix.

  • The Thirteenth Tale

The author of the novel Vida winters tries to depict her life in this book.
The character of the book Margaret Lea is facing troubles in her life and
unable to cope up with her past experiences. This character is a similar
image of the author Vida Winters, who has spent all her life dealing with
her past experiences and past experiences. In this book, the character is
shown confronting ghosts and talking to them to settle with their past.

  • The Shadow of The Wind

This novel is set up in Barcelona and is a perfect blend of fascinated
tragedies from the past. Originally written in Spanish, this book is later
republished in English and written by the author ‘Lucia Graves and
Carlos Ruiz Zafon.’ In this story, a boy finds a cursed book from a
cemetery library, which changes his life. The books all the attention of
Daniel, and later, he tries to find its other part but is unable to find them.

  • A Rising Man

It is another piece of art written by Abir Mukherjee. He portrays the
British raj in India. In this book, Sam Wyndham, a Scotland detective,
migrates to Calcutta. He soon joins the police force and felt the tension
between Britishers and Indians. Many were brutally murdered during
that period. Also, the corruption prevailed during that period is also

These are the most recommended books for any thriller lover who loves
and enjoys historical views while reading the books.



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