Top 5 Thriller Mystery Books

Top 5 Thriller Mystery Books

Books are man's best friend. As said, they never demand nor complaints
listens. It is the best hobby one can ever have. Thrillers are best for
supporting literacy goals and develops critical thinking in a person.
Also, it promotes one skill of problem-solving. One's radar of thinking
gets better with reading thrillers. Especially the thrillers filled with a
tone of mystery are the best. So here is the list of best thriller mystery
you must consider reading:-

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo This story started in Sweden. A
tattoed punk, Lisbeth Salander, was introduced in the beginning. He
started digging into a 40 years old case of a family who got disappeared.
From there, he discovers many leads regarding their family drama and
how mysteriously that family got murdered. The name of the author
is 'Stieg Larsson'

The Unquiet Dead

This story is based on a complex series of Srebenica Massacre that
happened in 1995 during the Bosnian War. The author 'Ausma Zehanat
Khan' is a specialist in Human rights Law and deeply research the
Bosnian War events, particularly this Massacre. She clearly shows how
political factors influenced these wars and how people also supported it
instead of stopping this brutal act. She introduces two detectives in this
story whose specialty is to solve cases related to minority castes.

  • Rebecca

The author Daphne Du Maurier is having a specialty in delivering
projects that leave you biting your nails. It is a classical story set up in
an old mansion. Now in this story, a lady marries an old aged, widowed
person, Mr. Winters. They both shift to his manor. But the newlywed
wife sees the shadow of his ex-wife Mrs. Winters. She threatened hers
continuously and made her married life hell. The story continued with its
flow, but the author never reveals the name of the lady who married Mr.
de Winters.

  • The Silence of the Lambs

It is based on the story of an FBI agent, Clarice String. He is
investigating a young's women case whose suspect is 'Buffalo Bill.' He
found a link between Clarice and a psychiatrist 'Hannibal Lecter.' While
visiting the psychiatrist, the agent notices that he got the ability to get in
his victim's mind. The FBI agent's mission is portrayed excitingly by the
author' Thomas Harris'.

  • The Girl on the train

Author Paula Hawkins portrays the story of Rachel Watson. She used
to take a train to her office every day from her home. Racheal is quite
bored from her life, and try to find interest in her nearby houses while
traveling. She used to notice the same places every day and try to make
stories on them. Racheal was a divorced lady who is also an addict to
alcohol. One day she noticed something fishy while crossing the same
houses. Then she continuously thinks about the incident she has
witnessed and made possible situations of the scene.

Now, these are the list of thriller mystery, you must consider before
buying one for yourself and dive deep into the thoughts of crimes and

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